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By far the strongest collar I have ever used. I could not be happier with the quality I got with this. My rottweiler is almost 130lbs and I couldn't find anything for him that fit right and was not completely out of my price range. I was so stuck on leather being the only thing strong enough for him, but after using our collar I've realized I can get that strength and reliability from something that still is comfortable for him. The handle has come in handy way more than I would ever expect. Thank you guys for changing my entire outlook on functional gear for big dogs.

Aiden Rosenth

Their level of customer service is second to none. They responded so quickly to my questions, ensured I made the right custom choice and it was shipped right away. My dog is reactive and after she broke her prong collar, I realized I needed a secondary collar to secure her with. I started hooking my prong to this collar - the leash clip is wide enough to clip both of them at once. We've now worked up to a point where she just wears this for the majority of our walks. I can't explain the fear of walking a reactive cane corso and not feeling secure about your gear. Thankfully I won't have to feel that again. Thank you so much!

Gianna Michowski

These collars and leashes are addictive. I went from purchasing one after my previous collar broke on a hike, to having to stop myself from purchasing every colour available. You'll see the difference even holding this collar in comparison to others. I'm hooked. They're sturdy but still light enough to not be annoying, and the customization options that Alpine Dog Co. offers outweigh any of the other places I've seen. They put up with all of my relentless questions through instagram and made sure I was completely happy with my order. Nothing beats their customer service or their products!

Dane Cummings

For starters, I was already intrigued by the use of strong breeds on their page - it's not every day you see dogos, dobies, pitties, bullies, presas, etc. as models for dog gear. After some back and forth messaging on instagram I realized that not only were they insanely easy to talk to, but they have breed knowledge and own the same strong dogs they cater to. Their knowledge and confidence in their product lead me to try it, and it's been my go-to collar ever since.

Mason DeBarg