** If you are ordering a customized collar for a dog that is growing in size, please be sure to specify that they are still growing in your special instructions or note to seller. All sizes provided with orders are assumed as accurate adult sizes unless otherwise specified. **


We currently offer two styles of customization - embroidery or vinyl press. To add these, just go to the collar of your choice and select the "personalized" in the customization box under each item - it's located right under the size listings. You'll then be prompted to answer other selections based on your previous choice.


Images can be uploaded to your order, but not every image uploaded can be printed. only PDF, PNG or HIGH RESOLUTION JPG photos with no background can be printed. Please keep in mind that your image will be shrunken down to about 1.6" so images with lots of small details or no colour contrast will not show up. 

There are two ways we print images - the first way is through vinyl pressing. This is for cutouts; one colour images with no background and clear detail. These images need thicker lines to cut. 

The second way is through a heat press, which is how we press multi colour images (ex. a logo) as a flat image. Think of this being similar to a screen print. These images need to have a high contrast between colours and need to be very clear in order to make a statement. 

The third type of image is an embroidered image. Embroidered images need to be emailed to us in transparent PNG form only. They cannot contain detailed art and need to be fairly simple with straightforward cut lines in order to be sized down to 1.18" - 1.6" in size.



If you are wondering if your photo fits this criteria, then send us a message. If you do submit a request for an image, please be sure to check your email in case we need to get a hold of you to either clarify or change the image if need be. Image orders that cannot be processed by customers who we are unable to get a hold of will be refunded. 


We ask for your dog's neck measurements to gauge where the name should sit on the collar in accordance to your dog's neck width, as our collars are adjustable and the sliding adjuster on the collar determines how much space we have to put your name. If you have any special requests regarding placement or want to see exactly where the name is going to go prior to purchase please contact us directly. Although we do our best at placing this name based off of provided measurements, we cannot provide a guarantee that your embroidered or vinyl pressed personalization won't come into contact with the adjuster.

The adjuster starts to the left of our collars, and is beside the handle. That means if your dog is on the smaller side of the size setting, it will have more room to the right of the adjuster. If your dog measures out to the larger side of our size setting, your dog will have more room to the left of the adjuster. If you are right in between one of our size settings, then the adjuster will sit directly in the middle of the collar. At this time we try to decide which side has more room, and if both sides are even we will always put  your name to the left of the adjuster to allow for any additional growth. 



Above is an example of a measurement in between the collar's size range. We will always place the name to the left in this case, just in case the dog grows or gains weight. 


Above is an example of when the middle measurement is closer to the smaller setting. We then place the name on the right of the adjuster, so there's more room for it. 

Above is an example of when the measurement of your dog is at the smallest size setting of the collar; the adjuster is all the way to the right. You may want this option if your design involves a thick font, long name or images. 

Above is an example of when your dog is at the largest or larger size setting of the collar and the adjuster is all the way to the left. this gives you a larger amount of free space to place the name. 



Embroidery will last longer than vinyl pressing, but both options need care in order to live their best life. Using harsh scrub brushes, exposure to consistent scratching or rubbing against harsh surfaces and strong washing methods can all affect the life of your customization. We suggest customizations for dogs who do not have their collar on 24/7 and remove the collar when indoors. There are no exchanges or refunds on customized items, and for more information on our exchange or return policy you can view our link at the bottom of this page.