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5 Steps to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Lost!

5 Steps to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Lost!

Every pet owner's worst nightmare is their dog getting lost. Let’s avoid it and proactively prevent it in 5 steps!

This is never a fun topic to think about, but believe it or not, over 10 million dogs and cats get lost or stolen in the US each year. I know - this stat is horrible. If you’ve ever experienced the heart pounding fear that comes with searching for your dog - you understand how terrible it is that millions of people experience this each year. Calling your dog's name, recruiting friends and family to help, and spending hours, days, or even weeks searching. At Alpine Dog Co. this is a major motivator for us to create the toughest dog products on the market that are coupled with identifying information to help avoid this.  With a few preventive steps, you can be well on your way to escape-proofing your environment to keep your best friend right where they belong. Keep reading to see the 5 preventive steps every dog parent should take!

Step 1: Get Your Dog Microchipped.

We’re so lucky to be living in the 21st century, right? Just like safety tech has evolved for humans in our day to day lives, our dogs have their own tools too! Almost all local vets around the country now offer microchips for both dogs and cats. In case you haven’t heard of it, a microchip is a small electronic chip enclosed in a glass cylinder that is about the same size as a grain of rice. This tiny but mighty device can be activated by a scanner and transmits an identification number that’s unique to your pet. So, what happens if my dog gets lost? The first thing you should do is look up “The Universal Pet Microchip Lookup” tool, an online platform maintained by the American Animal Hospital Association. According to studies, the odds of finding your dog are up to 238% higher if your dog is microchipped and registered.

Step 2: Teach the “Stay” and “Sit” Commands.

The canine ancestors that brought us our beloved dogs are unfortunately hunters, chasers, and pack animals. Since most of our dogs stem from animals with these traits - it’s no surprise that they feel the need to chase squirrels and mailmen at a moment’s notice! However, this can be the biggest contributor to losing your pet. If you have a dog or puppy that tends to chase - you’ll definitely want to make sure you put in the time and work to teach the “sit” and “stay” commands through thresholds/ doors. Even though these aren’t the types of tricks that will wow your friends, they’re more important! These commands can save a dog’s life when there’s oncoming traffic or a predator that they shouldn’t interact with. Try a clicker or treat reward system so your dog really gets the hang of it! Make sure you practice in safe, low-risk environments before trusting your dog to be around open doors or unsecured backyards.

Step 3: Keep the Circle of Life at Bay - Spay and Neuter!

No one wants more puppies in our already overflowing shelters - but that’s not the only reason why we say spay and neuter! Mother Nature has designed your dog, boy or girl, to try and chase after the opposite sex when they aren’t fixed. Male dogs can’t resist the urge to find a mate, and females can get pretty wild when in heat! Unless you’re a professional breeder, make sure to fix your puppy as soon as possible to keep your dog happy and healthy. Be sure to wait until your dog, female or male has fully matured before spaying/ neutering to make sure they’ve developed in all aspects.

Step 4: Make sure your dog gear is secure.

Collars are a huge factor in not only keeping your dog safe at home, but also finding them if they do happen to get lost! If you walk your dog, you’ll want a reliable to hold up against pull pressure, from reacting to another dog to chasing a neighborhood cat. At Alpine Dog Co. this is exactly what we’ve created – all of our dog collars are made with 1050D rated nylon; the toughest on the market (also the same nylon used for rock climbing!) Both our 2 inch and 1.5 inch options come with a handle for added security in emergency situations or for sport/ tactical use. It can be customized with your dog’s name and phone number or IG handle – and since these options are embroidered they aren’t able to break away from your dog’s collar like a tag can.

Step 5: Secure Your Home.

If you have a fenced backyard, there’s probably no place else your pup would rather be! While it’s incredible to have a space like this for your dog, it can also be an opportunity for your dog to slip away. Regularly check your fence when you mow your lawn or pressure wash your patio as this will help keep pets where they belong! If you can, monitor your pet when they’re outside to catch if they’re digging, jumping, or squeezing through your backyard. If you do have a dog that tends to try and make a run for it anytime they’re outdoors, try using a large pen in the grass so they get used to the environment! Sometimes, it’s overstimulating for pets to suddenly have access to tons of space to roam. When you slowly start getting them used to the great outdoors, you both will have peace of mind. Until they’re comfortable with the space in your yard, don’t leave them unsupervised for any period of time.


That’s a wrap! We hope these 5 preventive dog safety steps make your journey with your four legged friend a little easier. If you ever have any questions about your dog’s collar, leash, or harness, feel free to reach out to the team at Alpine Dog Co. Thanks for reading, connect with us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter for more content like this.