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7 Must-have accessories for large dogs

7 Must-have accessories for large dogs

Large dogs are the loyal members of the family that'll greet you with a wagging tail after a long day, cuddle on the couch during movie marathons, and stand to protect you if they feel your safety is under threat.

So, your furry friend deserves all the love and care, from accessories that improve his safety and comfort to those that prevent compromise on his health and hygiene. Since knowing what is best for your furry friend is challenging, we have compiled 12 must-have accessories for large dogs. 

Essential items for your big dog

Just like you wouldn't send your kid off to school in shoes two sizes too small or expect them to play all day on a rickety chair, you want to make sure your big dog has everything it needs to remain safe, comfortable, and happy.

However, the world of dog accessories is a treasure trove that feels overwhelming at first, with collections of leashes, collars, bowls, and toys. Luckily, here is a breakdown of these accessories into categories, as well as our best recommendations.

Safety and comfort

Safety and comfort accessories are the foundation for a happy, relaxed pup. It's like creating a little doggy security blanket – things that make the dog feel safe and content wherever he goes. Here are the must-have safety and comfort accessories. 

1. Harnesses

Harnesses are the cornerstones of keeping your big pup safe and under control. For example, you're out for a walk in the park with your furry giant. A squirrel darts across the path, and suddenly, your dog wants to chase after it with all their might. Without a harness and a leash, that could lead to a runaway situation.

Remember, large dogs are powerful, and sometimes that excitement to explore the world translates into pulling on walks. A good harness and leash gives you the control you need to keep your dog under control. 

A properly fitted harness distributes pressure evenly across your dog's chest. It's like having a supportive backpack for your dog, so it doesn't choke or strain the neck like when wearing a traditional collar.

After trying and testing the many harnesses in the market, we believe the Hntr 3.0 Dog Harnesses are the best. They are one of the few harnesses that perfectly combine safety and comfort in one unit. These harnesses are made of high-quality nylon webbing and super-strong metal rings and clips.  

The end product is a tough and rugged harness that even the strongest pullers can't break. In terms of comfort, these harnesses come with neoprene lining. Neoprene is a soft, flexible material that feels gentle against your dog's skin.

The neoprene padding helps prevent chafing, especially on areas that rub against the harness straps during walks, such as your dog's chest and underarms. It's like giving your dog a layer of protection to avoid any irritation.

2. Leashes

Leashes are the physical link between you and your furry friend during walks, hikes, and outdoor adventures. They're like a safety tether, keeping your dog close and preventing them from wandering off or picking fights.

Leashes come in different lengths. Short leashes, around 3-6 feet, are perfect for crowded areas or situations where you need maximum control, like busy sidewalks and vet visits. Long leashes, around 6 feet long, are the go-to options for everyday walks. They offer a good balance between control and freedom for your dog to sniff and explore a bit.

We recommend the Alpine Tacti Dog Leashes because they combine both of these features. They are 6 feet long, which gives your dog freedom during normal walks and hikes. But what sets these leashes aside is the secondary handle. This handle is closer to the clip that attaches to the collar. 

You just hold this handle when you need more immediate control, like if your dog spots a squirrel or gets a little too enthusiastic about greeting another dog. Another thing is that these leashes are made of tough 1000D nylon that can hold up to 500 pounds of pulling force. No more worries of your dog breaking the leash.

3. Safety jacket

Safety jackets are like little suits of high-visibility armor. They are made from bright colors like orange, yellow, or neon green, with reflective stripes. That makes the dog visible during low-light conditions like early mornings, evenings, and foggy day walks. It makes your dog a glowing beacon in the dark, easy for drivers and pedestrians to see.

4. Dog bed

Large breeds are more prone to joint problems as they age. The dog is more prone to aches and pain when it sleeps on the hard floors. A supportive bed with padding helps distribute their weight evenly and alleviate pressure on their joints. It is like a luxurious mattress that alleviates your lower back pain after lots of office work.

5. ID tags

ID tags are like little dog ID cards, engraved with your dog's name and your contact information that can help get your furry friend back home if they ever wander off. The aim of the tag is to help anyone who finds your pup to easily reach you.

Training and Exercise

There are many training and exercise accessories, and it all depends on your dog's needs and personality. For instance, a dog that barks excessively needs different training accessories from one that pulls on a leash. So, here are some of the accessories to consider.

6. Martingale collars

One of the biggest issues you might face when taking your giant furry friend for walks is heavy pulling. Muscular dogs like the Huskies and the Mastiffs can even drag you on the sidewalks. Martingale collars are specifically designed to discourage pulling behavior. 

The collars have a loop that tightens around the neck when the dog pulls on the leash, creating a gentle pressure that discourages pulling without choking. Unlike choke chains, martingales tighten only to a certain point, preventing injuries.

These collars also work great for dogs that tend to slip out of regular collars, like the narrow-headed Greyhounds. The loop design makes it more difficult for them to back out. It's like a more secure collar with an added training benefit.

Since you're buying the collar for a heavy pulling dog, we recommend the Alpine's Luxe Martingale Collars. They are made of 1050D nylon, the same material used to make mountain climbing gear. You can be sure the dog won't break the collar.

Another thing is that these collars come with neoprene lining. This material, which is also used to make swimsuits, is soft and comfortable. It's sweat resistant, odorless and prevents the sensitive neck skin from chaffing.

7. Toys

Bored dogs can become destructive and start chewing furniture. Toys provide an outlet for their energy. They are like a magical toolbox for large dogs, keeping them entertained, exercised, and mentally stimulated. Go for toys that will make the dog run, jump, fetch, and tug.

Health and grooming items

Just like humans, dogs rely on good hygiene to stay healthy. Poor hygiene makes the dog susceptible to health issues like parasites, eye infections, ear infections and skin infections. Here are some of the must-have health and grooming accessories.

  • Food and water bowls: Just like you wouldn't eat off a dirty plate, your dog shouldn't have to drink from a grimy bowl. Get your dog stainless steel bowls or ceramic bowls that won't leach harmful chemicals into your dog's food or water.
  • Nail clippers: Long nails are uncomfortable for your dog and can cause damage to your floors and furniture. The dog might even injure you when playing. Get nail clippers and trimmers to work on the nails.
  • Brushes and combs: Dogs, especially those with thick double coats, are prone to matting. Get your dog a doggy brush to help remove tangles, loose fur, dirt, and debris from your dog's coat.
  • Dog shampoo and conditioner: Dogs are guaranteed to get dirty, especially if it's a water magnet like the Portuguese Water Dogs and the Newfoundlands. That means you need to bath the dog regularly. Get your dog a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for its coat.
  • Dental care supplies: Without regular teeth brushing, plaque and tartar build-up on your dog's teeth, just like it does on humans. This buildup leads to gum disease, tooth decay, and even tooth loss. As a preventive measure, the dog needs regular brushing. Get your dog toothbrushes and toothpaste specially designed for canines.
  • Ear cleaners: Floppy ears, moisture buildup from swimming and baths, and allergies create a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast in the dog's ears. Get your dog ear cleaners to help remove debris and prevent these nasties from causing infections.
  • Dog wipes: Dog wipes are a lifesaver for those muddy paw prints after a walk in the park, a quick face wipe after a messy meal or a post-bathroom cleanup. No need for a full bath – just grab a wipe and get cleaning!


Furry companions are just like any member of the family, and their comfort, safety, hygiene and health deserves your love, care, and attention. Regardless of the breed of your gaint furry friend, make sure you have a harness, collar and leash for safety. Also, make sure your dog has all the necessary hygiene and grooming accessories like bowls and brushes.