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The Benefits of Dog Onesies - Keeping Your Pet Comfortable and Stylish

The Benefits of Dog Onesies - Keeping Your Pet Comfortable and Stylish

Most dog owners love spoiling their furry companions with love, treats, and stylish outfits. But dog onesies aren't just about making the dog look adorable. They are a lifesaver in colder weather, keeping your dog warm and snuggly. Here are some of the benefits of dog onesies, from keeping your pet comfortable and stylish to preventing allergies. 

Snapshot of dog onesies

Onesie Materials Relevant Features Best For Weather Conditions
Thermal Layer Onesie Graphene High heat retention, hypoallergenic Preventing hypothermia, winter warmth Very cold, winter
LovinPet UV Protection Onesie 65% cotton, 35% polyester UV protection, breathable, moisture-wicking Sun protection, summer coolness Hot, sunny
Kurgo Dog Warmer Dog Onesie Reflective fabric Reflective seams for visibility, warm insulation Low-light walks, winter warmth Cold, low-light conditions
LianziMau Surgical Recovery Onesie Cotton, elastane Soft and breathable, flexible, gentle stretch Post-surgery recovery, wound protection Variable
Mudbuster Dog Onesie Waterproof nylon Dirt and water-resistant, easy to clean Keeping dog clean during play Wet, muddy conditions
SnuggleFleece Dog Onesie Fleece Extra warmth, soft and cozy Keeping dog warm during winter Very cold, winter
SunShield Dog Onesie Lightweight cotton UV protection, lightweight, breathable Keeping dog cool and protected from the sun Hot, sunny


A onesie acts as a physical barrier that shields your dog's fur from the elements, keeping it cleaner for longer. The fabric insulates the body's heat, keeping the dog warm during winters and cold mornings. Here are reasons why you should get your dog a onesie, regardless of your dog's size or coat type.

Keeps the Dog Warm

Canada gets crazy cold in the winter, which is seriously brrr-inducing. Temperatures dip down to -15°C in most areas. Dogs feel this cold like humans, but they can't grab a sweater or crank up the heat like humans. Even fluffy dog breeds like the Huskies can still shiver during the winters.

Things are worse for dogs with short coats, like Greyhounds and Chihuahuas. Note that a dog's normal body temperature is around 38°C. Things start getting dicey when their temperature dips below 37°C, which is the zone for mild hypothermia.

The dog shivers seems lethargic, and the muscles stiffen up. If your pup's temperature plunges to between 28°C and 32°C, the breathing and heart rate start to slow down. This is moderate hypothermia. Anything below 28°C is severe hypothermia, and your dog's organs are struggling to function.

Your furry friend may become confused, disoriented, or even unconscious. Hypothermia is life-threatening, and the best solution is to prevent it. Since dogs don't have the luxury of cozy blankets and hot drinks, getting a graphene onesie, such as the Thermal Layer Onesie, for your furry friend is the best way to prevent hypothermia.

Graphene fabric is basically a one-atom-thick sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb pattern. This structure gives graphene a high surface area to volume ratio, which means a ton of space for heat to spread out.

As a result, this graphene onesie can capture the dog's outgoing body heat much more efficiently, keeping it toasty on chilly winter mornings. Unlike some materials that can irritate a dog's skin, graphene is hypoallergenic. So, this onesie is the perfect solution for dogs suffering from allergies to wool and synthetic fabrics.

Protects the Dog's Skin

Summer is a different story, with long days and tons of sunshine. Temperatures can reach up to 30°C. All that sunshine comes with a hidden enemy for your dog: UV rays. These invisible rays can damage your dog's skin, similar to how they can give you a sunburn. A dog's sunburn isn't just a mild ouch.

It makes the skin dry and itchy and starts flaking off. In more severe cases, blisters form, which then pop and turn into crusted lesions. You'll notice the dog scratching and licking the affected areas. The damage to skin cells increases the risk of skin cancer. 

In the same way, you wear sunscreen to protect your skin from sunburns, you need to protect your dog's skin from overexposure to the sun's UV rays. The best way to do this is to dress your dog in a onesie designed for UV ray protection, such as the LovinPet UV Protection Onesie.

This onesie is made from a breathable blend of 65% cotton and 35% polyester, which perfectly balances softness and durability. The fabric offers protection from the sun's harmful rays during walks and playtime in the sun.

However, that doesn't mean the onesie should replace the dog-specific sunscreen. Cotton is naturally breathable, which means it allows air to circulate through the fabric. It's like a loose, breezy t-shirt that keeps you comfortable and cool on a warm day. 

The polyester in the onesie helps draw that moisture away from your dog's fur and out to the fabric's surface, where it can evaporate. It's like a tiny sweat-wicking system for your dog. The combination of breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics in this onesie actually helps your dog stay cooler in summer.     

Keeps the Dog and the House Clean

Watching your furry friends frolic outdoors is pure joy. But that playful digging and dirt-rolling session turns bath time into a full-blown wrestling match and leaves your furniture looking like a tumbleweed graveyard. Dog onesies are the lifesaver for both you and your canine companion.

They act as a barrier between your pup and the elements, keeping dirt, mud, and grime from clinging to their fur. This translates to less mess on your carpets, furniture, and yourself. After playtime, simply remove the onesie, toss it in the wash, and voila, you have a clean pup and a much tidier home.

Also, some pups like the Huskies, German Shepherds, and Labrador Retrievers shed like nobody's business. Onesies act like little fur traps, catching loose hairs before they take over your furniture and clothes. This means less vacuuming and less lint rolling.

Improves the Dog's Safety

Parks and sidewalks get dark at dusk and dawn. If your dog's fur color blends in with the surroundings, they practically disappear. Drivers might not see them until it's too late, especially if there are no streetlights.

The best way to keep your dog safe during low-light walks is to dress it with a reflective onesie such as the Kurgo Dog Warmer Dog Onesie. The onesie features reflective side seams, which turn your pup into a tiny beacon of visibility during nighttime walks or adventures in low-light conditions.

Prevents Allergies

Dogs suffer from allergies just like humans. Pollen, dust mites, and other environmental nasties can trigger itchy skin, irritation, and discomfort for your pup. The onesie fabric acts as a barrier, creating a safe zone between your dog and those allergy-causing triggers. The onesie also makes it difficult for pests such as ticks and fleas to attack the dog.

Promotes Surgery Recovery

There are lots of surgeries in the canine world. The common ones are spaying and neutering to prevent unwanted litter, skin tumor removal, and orthopedic surgery for joints, spine, and bone treatment. Regardless, surgery is an injury that causes painful wounds.

When dogs are injured, their first instinct is to give the wound a good lick. It's a deeply ingrained behavior in dogs. But constant licking can irritate the wound, delaying healing and making it more susceptible to infection.

For instance, a dog's mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria, and the licks introduce these nasty germs into the wound, increasing the risk of infection. The best way to prevent this is to dress your dog with a surgery recovery onesie such as the LianziMau Surgical Recovery Onesie

This onesie is made from a special blend of cotton and elastane, which offers the perfect balance of comfort and flexibility. The cotton is soft and breathable, gentle on your dog's post-surgery skin. The elastane provides a gentle stretch, allowing for a comfortable fit without restricting your dog's movement.


Forget the basic bandanas; dog onesies are the new wave of fashion for your furry friend. The good thing with onesies is that they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, from classic stripes and polka dots to trendy camo or floral designs.

That means you can get a onesie that matches your outfit. That way, you'll show the special connection you share with your furry best friend. 

Features to Consider When Choosing a Dog Onesie

There are many onesie styles, materials, and sizes in the market, and picking the right one is challenging. For example, the onesie that fits a Greyhound can't fit a Chihuahua. In the same way, the level of warmth a Chihuahua needs is not the same as a fluffy dog like the Newfoundland. So, here are the things to consider when shopping for a dog onesie.


The onesie should be snug enough to stay in place and protect any stitches or wounds but loose enough for your pup to move around comfortably. It should fit the same way you prefer your pair of sweatpants to fit – comfy and cozy but not baggy or restrictive.

A onesie that is too tight around the chest and neck can make breathing hard for your dog. Your pup starts panting more, becomes restless, and even coughs. A tight onesie can also rub against stitches, causing irritation. On the other hand, a loose onesie rubs the skin and causes irritations.

So, the solution is to take your dog's measurements. Take the neck measurements, usually at the base. Then, take measurements of the widest part of your dog's chest. Finally, run the measuring tape along the spine to the base of the tail to measure the topline. Match your pup's measurements to the manufacturer's chart to find the perfect fit. 


Whether the onesies are for warmth, sun protection, or recovery, all that matters to your furry friend is comfort. Dogs love to run, jump, and explore. A onesie shouldn't restrict their movement or make them feel like they're in a straightjacket.

Otherwise, the dog will start refusing to wear the onesie. Look for onesies made from soft, breathable fabrics like cotton, fleece, or polyester blends. Make sure the seams are flat so they don't rub against the skin. 

Final Thoughts

Dog onesies are more than just adorable canine PJs. They are like a portable climate control system. Graphene and fleece onesies keep your dog warm in cold temperatures, and cotton onesies keep the dog cool in warm temperatures. Onesies also help to protect the dog from allergies and dirt.