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Dog Slip Lead - Chocolate

Our Slip leash provides a fun twist (pun intended) on an old favourite. With a padded swivel handle that comes with matching black, gold or rose gold hardware to your collar or harness,  this slip gives an ounce of luxury while remaining lightweight and secure for dogs of any weight. 

Slip leashes work as the name implies: the circular end of the leash is slipped over the neck of your dog and tightens when pulled, creating a collar and leash in one that they can't back out of. The rubber stopper can be moved to the position of your choosing and prevents the portion of the lead around the neck from hanging down/ becoming too large. 

Why are slip leashes important? They're great for travelling, especially when you're going to be having your dog off leash often and need something light and secure to gain control if needed. We suggest every dog owner carries a slip lead with them at all times - this can be extremely useful if approached by an off leash dog, to stop an altercation between dogs, to use as a backup for your existing collar and leash, and for use in show. 


All of our products come pressure tested.

Weight: 8oz  (Based on 4FT Length)

Rope Width: 10mm

Not for tie out.

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alpine dog co

    Made with breathable material that is built for daily use


    Pressure tested for up to 600lbs of pull force


    High quality nylon and hardware that can withstand constant wear.


The Jot Notes

  • 1050D Rated Nylon
  • Neoprene lined
  • All Metal Hardware (exception being the Tacti Lite 1.5")
  • Widest customization selection on the market
  • Ships from Canada
  • Fast and responsive Customer Service


  • Hand Wash/ Soak
  • Scrub any remaining marks with scrub brush or toothbrush
  • Hang dry in a well ventilated area away from direct sunlight
  • Dries quickly!